Peaceful Development

(Foreign Affairs in the New Era)

Updated:2020-01-19 |

Peaceful Development

The concept of peaceful development is underpinned by a focus on seeking peaceful development with the help of a peaceful international environment while also contributing to the maintenance of world peace through our own development initiatives; relying on our own efforts, particularly through reform and innovation, to achieve progress while also opening wider to the rest of the world and learning from the experiences of other countries; adapting to the process of economic globalization and seeking mutual benefit for all; and working with the international community to bring lasting peace, prosperity, and harmony to the world.

China is firmly committed to peaceful development, and calls on all countries to follow this path. China will take on more international responsibilities, work with other countries to uphold humanity's best conscience and international norms, and stand for justice in regional and international affairs. China upholds that international disputes should be resolved by peaceful means, and opposes hegemony as well as power politics. China will never seek hegemony and expansionism. It is China's consistent position to search for win-win solutions that take into account the interests of other countries as well as those of its own. It is essential to foster cooperative interactions among members of the world community.

As China's experience of reform and opening up over the past 40 years shows, the pursuance of peaceful development has been a crucial strategic move that is based on the considerations of China's national conditions, social system and cultural traditions. It represents a timely response to today's imperatives and serves the fundamental interests of China, and those of its neighbors and the rest of the world.