China's Views on Nuclear Security

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Updated:2020-01-19 |

China's Views on Nuclear Security

At the Third Nuclear Security Summit that opened in the Hague on March 24, 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping called on the international community to follow a sensible, coordinated and balanced approach to nuclear security. While giving details of China's views on nuclear security, he made four points:

First, the international community should place equal emphasis on development and security, and develop nuclear energy on the premise of security.

Second, it should place equal emphasis on rights and obligations, and move forward the international nuclear security process on the basis of respecting the rights and interests of all countries.

Third, it should place equal emphasis on independent and collaborative efforts, and seek universal nuclear security through mutually beneficial cooperation.

Fourth, it should place equal emphasis on treating symptoms and addressing root causes, and advance the cause of nuclear security in all respects with the goal of removing the associated risks at the root.

Xi promised that China will continue its efforts to achieve lasting nuclear security.

His speech made China the first country to publicly unveil its views on nuclear security.


2014年3月24日,在荷兰海牙举行的第三届核安全峰会上,习近平发表重要讲话,首次全面阐述了理性、协调、并进的核安全观。其主要内容可以概括为四句话: 一是发展和安全并重,以确保安全为前提发展核能事业。二是权利和义务并重,以尊重各国权益为基础推进国际核安全进程。三是自主和协作并重,以互利共赢为途径寻求普遍核安全。四是治标和治本并重,以消除根源为目标全面推进核安全努力。此外,中国还承诺,为实现持久核安全,愿意继续作出自己的努力和贡献。由 此,中国成为第一个正式提出核安全观的国家。