Exchanges and Mutual Learning Between Civilizations

(Foreign Affairs in the New Era)

Updated:2020-01-19 |

Exchanges and Mutual Learning Between Civilizations

Xi Jinping called for exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations when he visited the UNESCO on March 27, 2014. Such exchanges and mutual learning are necessitated by the diverse nature of civilizations, premised on the principle of equality, and propelled by a healthy dose of inclusiveness.

It is crucial to promoting mutual respect and harmonious coexistence between civilizations. Exchanges and mutual learning can be a bridge of friendship between peoples, a driver of progress for humanity and a bond of world peace. There is a great promise in tapping the wisdom and power of world civilizations to find moral support and cultural inspiration for our joint efforts to address challenges facing humanity.


2014年3月27日, 习近平访问联合国教科文组织时,提出了交流互鉴的文明观。其核心内涵是:文明是多彩的,人类文明因多样才有交流互鉴的价值;文明是平等的,人类文明因平等才有交流互鉴的前提;文明是包容的,人类文明因包容才有交流互鉴的动力。坚持交流互鉴的文明观,应该推动不同文明相互尊重、和谐共处,让文明交流互鉴成为增进各国人民友谊的桥梁、推动人类社会进步的动力、维护世界和平的纽带;应该从不同文明中寻求智慧、汲取营养,为人们提供精神支撑和心灵慰藉,携手解决人类共同面临的各种挑战。