Promoting Global Governance Reform

(Foreign Affairs in the New Era)

Updated:2020-01-19 |

Promoting Global Governance Reform

At a meeting marking the 60th anniversary of the "Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence" on June 28, 2014, Xi Jinping highlighted the need to reform global governance in response to new changes in international power dynamics.

As we face a wider array of global challenges, it is ever more necessary to enhance and reform global governance. The governance structure should be jointly built by all countries for the benefits of all, rather than dominated by any one country. Global consultation is necessary to decide how to improve this structure.

China participates in and contributes to the existing international order, promotes international cooperation and multilateralism, and actively participates in multilateral initiatives. Our willingness to contribute to the innovative development of the concept of global governance is rooted in our culture, one that advocates a positive approach to life and proactive governance philosophy. We are ready to share our thoughts and do what is needed to help improve global governance.

Based on its prevailing national conditions as a developing country, China will seek the right balance between rights and obligations, and protect its own national interests in conjunction with the shared interests of other developing countries. Guided by its vision for participatory global governance, China will actively participate in and contribute to global governance reform as a responsible member of the international community.


2014年6月28日, 习近平在和平共处五项原则发表60周年纪念大会上的讲话中提出,要适应国际力量对比新变化,推进全球治理体系改革。随着全球性挑战增多,加强全球治理、推进全球治理体制变革已是大势所趋。全球治理体系是由全球共建共享的,不可能由哪一个国家独自掌握,全球治理结构如何完善应该由各国共同来决定。中国是现行国际体系的参与者、建设者、贡献者,是国际合作的倡导者和国际多边主义的积极参与者。中国要推动全球治理理念创新发展,积极发掘中华文化中积极的处世之道和治理理念同当今时代的共鸣点,努力为完善全球治理贡献中国智慧、中国力量。中国坚持从国情出发,坚持权利和义务相平衡,坚持发展中国家定位,把维护中国利益同维护广大发展中国家共同利益结合起来。中国秉持共商共建共享的全球治理观,将继续发挥负责任大国作用,积极参与全球治理体系改革和建设,不断贡献中国智慧和力量。