A New Vision on Development

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Updated:2020-01-19 | By:China.org.cn

A New Vision on Development

At the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, Xi Jinping delivered a speech entitled "Toward a Mutually Beneficial Partnership for Sustainable Development," and offered the Chinese approach to post-2015 development agenda for the world.

He presented a vision of fair, open, all- round and innovation-driven development - fair development to make access to development more equal; open development to deliver its benefits to all parties; all- round development to make the ground of development more solid; and innovation- driven development to fully tap creative potential.

He also made the following announcements: China will establish an assistance fund for South-South cooperation, with an initial pledge of US$2 billion to support developing countries in their implementation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda; China will continue to increase investment in the least-developed countries, to reach US$12 billion by 2030; and China will write off the debt on outstanding inter-governmental interest-free loans due by the end of 2015 owed by designated least-developed countries, landlocked developing countries, and small island developing countries.

This new vision of fair, open, all-round and innovation-driven development reflects China's sense of responsibility and embodies Chinese wisdom. It will benefit China's own development, boost global confidence, and promote global development partnerships.


2015年9月,习近平出席联合国发展峰会并发表题为《谋共同永续发展 做合作共赢伙伴》的讲话,对“世界在2015年后该如何发展”给出了中国理念、中国方案。习近平阐述了以公平、开放、全面、创新为核心的发展理念:争取公平的发展,让发展机会更加均等;坚持开放的发展,让发展成果惠及各方;追求全面的发展,让发展基础更加坚实;促进创新的发展,让发展潜力充分释放。另外,习近平在会上宣布,中国将设立“南南合作援助基金”, 首期提供20亿美元,支持发展中国家落实2015年后发展议程;中国将继续增加对最不发达国家投资,力争2030年达到120亿美元;中国将免除对有关最不发达国家、内陆发展中国家、小岛屿发展中国家截至2015年底到期未还的政府间无息贷款债务。