China-EU Partnership of Peace, Growth, Reform and Civilization

(Foreign Affairs in the New Era)

Updated:2020-01-19 |

China-EU Partnership of Peace, Growth, Reform and Civilization

China's relationship with the European Union (EU) is one of the most important bilateral relationships in the world. It is of strategic importance to the peaceful development of both sides, and to other regions as well. Since the late 20th century, China and the EU have successively elevated bilateral relations to a constructive partnership, then to a comprehensive partnership, and further to a comprehensive strategic partnership.

In late March and early April 2014, Xi Jinping visited the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium and the EU headquarters. His trip testified to solid progress in the Sino- EU comprehensive strategic partnership in its second decade.

When talking with the then European Council President Herman Van Rompuy in Brussels, Xi Jinping expressed confidence in a bright future of bilateral strategic cooperation, which could be conducted at bilateral level, within the Asian-European framework, and in global terms.

He said that the two sides should view their ties from a strategic perspective, and integrate their strengths, markets and civilizations to build a four-pronged partnership of peace, growth, reform and civilization. This would add new impetus to bilateral cooperation and make greater contribution to world development and prosperity.

Cooperation would be furthered between China and the EU, between Asia and the EU, and in the whole world.

First, China and the EU should build a partnership of peace, respect and trust each other, treat each other with sincerity, and take the lead in pursuing peaceful development.

Second, China and the EU should develop a partnership of growth, conduct pragmatic and mutually beneficial cooperation, and provide each other with opportunities for development.

Third, China and the EU should foster a partnership in carrying out reform, learning from and supporting each other, sharing opportunities, addressing challenges together, and enjoying the benefits of reform.

Fourth, China and the EU should forge a partnership of civilization, pursue shared prosperity, and provide nourishment for each other's progress.



在布鲁塞尔同时任欧洲理事会主席范龙佩会谈时,习近平强调,要从战略高度看待中欧关系,将中欧两大力量、两大市场、两大文明结合起来,共同打造中欧和平、增长、改革、文明四大伙伴关系,为中欧合作注入新动力,为世界发展繁荣作出更大贡献。中欧战略合作前景广阔,新形势下,中欧双方将在中欧、亚欧、全球3个层面开展合作:做和平的伙伴,互尊互信,以诚相待,带头走和平发展道路; 做增长的伙伴,互利互惠、务实合作,相互提供发展机遇;做改革的伙伴,互学互 助、共享机遇,相互借鉴、相互支持,共同应对挑战,共享改革红利;做文明的伙 伴,互鉴互融、共同繁荣,为彼此进步提供更多营养。