A Nation's War on the Epidemic

(The Fight Against COVID-19)

Updated:2020-03-06 | By:China.org.cn

A Nation's War on the Epidemic

During an inspection in Beijing on February 10, 2020, Xi Jinping encouraged the people to be determined to fight and win the battle against the epidemic by mobilizing all resources to control the spread of the virus. He has reiterated this resolution on different occasions.

Epidemic prevention and control is a war that involves every one of the nation. The epidemic directly endangers the people's health and their living standards. The government must closely rely on the people to fight and win the battle against the epidemic. Party committees and governments at all levels must "take the interests of the people above everything else," give top priority to people's safety and health, and put epidemic prevention and control at the top of current agenda. They must bear in mind the fundamental purpose of the Party, spare no effort to combat the epidemic, and enhance the people's sense of security. In the face of the epidemic, Party committees and governments at all levels should "pool the strength of the people" and extensively mobilize, organize, and rally the people while playing the role of exemplary vanguard.

Epidemic prevention and control is a war that calls for all-out efforts. Party committees and governments at all levels must act in a coordinated national response and follow unified command, coordination and dispatch. They need to acquire relevant knowledge and skills of epidemic prevention, have greater confidence and be more resolved to defeat the epidemic. They must unite as one like a fortress, fully implement the joint prevention and control measures, put up an effective defense, and build a strong synergy against the virus. They must know that epidemic prevention and control is not an issue merely about medicine and health, but a task that demands all-out efforts, and all work must provide support for winning the war against the epidemic.

Epidemic prevention and control is a war to stop the epidemic from spreading. Facing the menacing, highly contagious and fast-spreading epidemic, all Party members and officials must get prepared for this unprecedented test. They must keep up the spirit, stay true to the mission of the Chinese Communists, and bravely shoulder the responsibility. They must devote more time and energy to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, pool the strength of every citizen, strive to overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, and hand over a perfect answer sheet to the Party and the people.