Viral Infection Test

(The Fight Against COVID-19)

Updated:2020-03-13 |

Viral Infection Test

Rapid and accurate detection of the virus is the key to epidemic prevention and control. On December 31, 2019, the High-level Expert Group of the NHC was dispatched to Wuhan, who soon identified that the pathogen of this particular viral pneumonia case was a novel coronavirus.

The NHC immediately established a "daily report and zero report" mechanism throughout the country, and distributed novel coronavirus nucleic acid testing kits, requiring all localities to reinforce testing, make every effort to treat patients, and update the public about the confirmed cases and progress in epidemic prevention and control without delay. At that time, nucleic acid detection was the main basis for the diagnosis of the novel coronavirus pneumonia. 

On January 22, the NHC announced that negative nucleic acid test results cannot rule out novel coronavirus infection, and various factors that may falsely produce negative results still need to be considered. 

The NHC also sent work teams to different provinces and equivalent administrative regions to guide epidemic prevention and control efforts. 

Meanwhile, the Chinese government took the initiative to inform the WHO and relevant countries of the developments of the epidemic and progress in epidemic control, and immediately shared the gene sequence of the novel coronavirus with the WHO.