Medical Workers

(The Fight Against COVID-19)

Updated:2020-04-26 |

Medical Workers

After the outbreak of COVID-19, a vast number of medical workers bid farewell to their loved ones and went in harm's way. As warriors in white, they devoted every effort to save patients. Xi Jinping spoke highly of the medical workers on the front line, calling them "the most admirable people" in the new era, messengers of brightness and hope, the most beautiful angels, and true heroes.

Xi Jinping made instructions on different occasions about the care for the medical workers fighting against the epidemic. He emphasized that medical workers are the backbone in beating the epidemic, and they shall be well protected and given full support. The front-line medics shall have access to sufficient protective equipment and daily necessities, and have off-days in rotation and psychological counseling. The pay package, additional subsidies and epidemic prevention allowances for the medical staff should be fully delivered, their worries be lifted, and incentive mechanism be further improved, so that they will stay strong and healthy to fight the epidemic.

During the anti-epidemic combat, the PLA, central ministries and commissions, provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government altogether dispatched more than 340 medical teams consisting of over 42,000 healthcare workers to aid Hubei. As the conditions turned for the better, the medical teams completed their mission and withdrew in an orderly manner. A poster depicting the back of "soldiers in white" with the words "Thank you for fighting for us" went viral on the internet, as it voiced the heartfelt gratitude of the people of Wuhan and Hubei.