PLA Commanders and Soldiers

(The Fight Against COVID-19)

Updated:2020-04-26 |

PLA Commanders and Soldiers

After the outbreak of the coronavirus, the PLA resolutely implemented the decisions and deployment of the CPC Central Committee, and promptly launched joint prevention and control mechanism. Emergency teams were drawn to the front line, becoming an indispensable force in the anti-epidemic fight. 

At the meeting held on February 23 to promote nationwide epidemic control and economic and social development, Xi Jinping pointed out that the PLA commanders and soldiers had acted upon orders and were brave to fight a tough battle, which demonstrated the political character of the people's army and their loyalty to the Party and the people.

"If a war befalls, the PLA is ready to fight when the call comes." Under the unified command of the CPC Central Committee, more than 10,000 PLA medical staff rushed to the front line and devoted themselves to saving lives. They were among the first to start receiving patients and treating the seriously ill in the isolated wards. Over 1,000 troops and 100 vehicles were mobilized every day to assist the local epidemic prevention and control departments in transporting and unloading medical supplies, cleaning and disinfecting, and posting guards. Militias were dispatched by provincial military commands (garrison commands) to assist local authorities in managing visitors, disinfecting public places, performing vigilance duty, delivering goods and materials, communicating epidemic prevention to the public and other tasks.

"Soldiers are always be ready to go to the battlefield!" From strengthening leadership to rushing to aid Wuhan, from treating the ill to providing comprehensive support, from organizing emergency-related scientific researches to expanding personnel and material delivery capacity, the PLA has once again demonstrated the sheer force of putting people first: Where there is emergency, there is the pioneering people's army; where there is a need, there is the dedicating people's army.