Community Workers

(The Fight Against COVID-19)

Updated:2020-04-26 |

Community Workers

There are two fronts in the battle against the epidemic: hospital – the life-saving front, and community – the epidemic prevention and control front. When inspecting the epidemic prevention and control in Beijing, Xi Jinping emphasized that communities are the forefront of joint prevention and control, and also an effective defense line against importation of cases and intra-city/region transmission. We can effectively curb the spread if we hold firm the defense line in the communities.

During his inspection in Wuhan, Xi visited Donghu Xincheng Community and talked with the community workers. He called community workers “temporary prime minister of the alleys,” who have to handle all kinds of matters that relate to people’s livelihood. 

In the battle against the epidemic, the community workers had overcome various difficulties such as insufficient manpower, limited resources, hard conditions and imperfect protective measures, and remained steadfast at the city’s front line of defense. As all the communities in Wuhan were under grid-based management, grid managers, officials designated from higher levels, volunteers and building coordinators formed different groups to serve the residents. There were telephone communication groups responsible for answering hotline questions for residents, report groups tracking and monitoring residents’ health status with daily telephone inquiries, and purchasing groups buying vegetables and medicines for the residents in need. 

A great number of community workers and volunteers across the country delivered necessities to self-isolated residents at home on a daily basis, followed up their health conditions, and helped residents see doctors, transfer to hospitals or get consultation. Their dedication shored up a strong defense line in the communities.