Grassroots Officials

(The Fight Against COVID-19)

Updated:2020-04-26 |

Grassroots Officials

Grassroots units are at the forefront of the battle against the epidemic, and at the first line of resuming work and production. At the meeting held on February 3 by the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Xi Jinping emphasized opposition to excessive bureaucracy and the malpractice of going through motions, so that grassroots officials can devote fully to epidemic prevention and control.

Grassroots officials have no protective suits to wear. They only have masks. They have no power of law enforcement. They are just familiar faces to the locals. They are responsible for managing the communities, and serve as the "errand runner," "broadcaster" and "security officer" of the people. 

During the outbreak, they were kept busy checking every block for epidemic screening, leaving no stone unturned. They arranged medical observation of suspected cases, coordinated the distribution of protective equipment, and spread knowledge of epidemic prevention to the general public. As "trustworthy friends of the people," they safeguarded people's wellbeing with concrete actions.