Officials Designated from Higher Levels

(The Fight Against COVID-19)

Updated:2020-04-26 |

Officials Designated from Higher Levels

Epidemic prevention and control is a war that involves every one of thecountry. As long as a people’s defense line is put in place and the communities are well defended, the spread of thevirus can be effectively curbed. When inspecting the epidemic prevention work in Beijing on February 10, Xi Jinpingemphasized the need to empower communities toimplementprevention and control measures, makingevery community a strong bastion defending the epidemic. His requestsounded the “rally call” to focus on community-centered battleagainst the virus.

The prevention and controlwork in the communities are complicated.It is an arduous task to do blanket tracking on cases andexercisegrid-based management, while attending to the reasonable and essential needsof residents and maintaining orderly operation of the communities.

In order to create synergy and strengthen community defense line,numerous Party and government officialswere designated to work in the communities. Their arrivalgreatly relievedtheshortage of manpower. They assisted communityworkers inpersonnelscreening, temperaturecheck, disinfection and isolation, publicity and guidance,and logistics support, building a solidanti-epidemicdefense for the residents. They worked side by side withlocalcommunity workers, public security officers,grassroots officials and volunteers, forming a powerful inter-agency forceto carry out society-wide actions.