(The Fight Against COVID-19)

Updated:2020-04-26 |


After the outbreak of COVID-19, Chinese medical workers have done their utmost to treat the patients. By the end of March, the oldest COVID-19 patient cured was 103 years while the youngest only 17 days. On March 10, during his inspection in Hubei, Xi Jinping expressed sympathy to the patients, tried to boost their morale, and asked them to follow the doctor’s advice for recovery at an earlier date.

In the treatment of COVID-19, the severe and critical cases – the key to bringing down the fatality rate – were given top priority. To crack this toughest nut, Chinese medical workers have worked out different ways to treat the severe cases, with the goal of raising the cure rate and lowering the fatality rate. These included setting up a visiting team of academicians, forming an expert group, updating the treatment plan seven times, organizing an emergency intubation team for COVID-19 patients, and promoting clinical use of traditional Chinese medicines. 

In Wuhan, the number of beds in 11 hospitals designated for the treatment of severe and critical cases exceeded 9,000. More than 13,000 intensive care health professionals from 90-plus national and provincial medical teams participated in the treatment of severe cases, accounting for nearly 10% of the national intensive care personnel resources. By March 31, more than 76,000 patients had been cured and discharged, with a cure rate of 93.5%. Among them, more than 63,000 were in Hubei, with a cure rate of over 93%.