Family Prevention and Control

(The Fight Against COVID-19)

Updated:2020-04-26 |

Family Prevention and Control

The family is the cell of society and an important place of defense against the epidemic. Among novel coronavirus cases, family infections are prominent. The gathering of people in the same space for a long time can easily cause virus spreading and result in “infection of a whole family by one confirmed member.”

The Guidebook on Public Prevention of Novel Coronavirus-infected Pneumonia issued by the NHC made the following suggestions for family members: 

* Avoid visiting areas where the disease is prevalent; 

* Reduce visits to crowded public places, especially places of poor ventilation; 

* Do not touch, buy and eat wild animals; avoid visiting markets that sell live animals, and cook poultry, eggs and meat thoroughly; 

* Keep your home clean and open windows frequently for better ventilation; 

* Maintain hand hygiene; 

* Wear a mask when going out; 

* Keep good personal hygiene and health habits; 

* Monitor health conditions of yourself and your family members; 

* Keep necessary medical supplies at home, such as thermometer, disposable masks and domestic disinfectants. 

The Guidance suggested that family members with suspicious symptoms should wear masks and seek prompt medical advice; when one family member is diagnosed with COVID-19, other members, if identified as close contacts, have to take medical observation for 14 consecutive days; patients and close contacts should avoid close contact with other family members who have no symptom; and the places where the family member with symptoms stays and the objects he/she frequently touches should be sterilized.