Prevention and Control for Students

(The Fight Against COVID-19)

Updated:2020-04-26 |

Prevention and Control for Students

The health of students involves thousands of families, which is the key and top priority of epidemic prevention and control. On January 29, the Ministry of Education proposed all regions postpone the new school term during the epidemic prevention and control period, and primary and middle schools  ”suspend classes with non-stopping teaching and learning” during the period. 

According to the Prevention and Control Protocol for Novel Coronavirus (1st Edition), the students should do the following: 

* Stay at home or in a designated place for 14-day medical observation after their departure if they have a travel or residence history from areas hit hard by the epidemic (such as Wuhan and other areas) during the winter vacation; 

* Stay at home, reduce visits to relatives and friends, parties and collective dining, and reduce visits to crowded public areas;

* Conduct daily health monitoring and report to the designated people as required by the community or school. 

* Return to school at the end of winter vacation if having no suspicious symptoms; 

* Report to the school if having suspicious symptoms, seek medical advice in a timely manner, and return to school after recovery; 

* Wear surgical or N95 masks on public transportation on the way back school, keep hand hygiene, do health monitoring, and avoid close contact with people of suspicious symptoms; 

* Wear surgical or N95 masks in case of suspicious symptoms during the journey, avoid contact with others, and seek medical advice in a timely manner depending on the condition; 

* Inform the doctor about travel and residence history, preserve the travel tickets and information, and cooperate with the investigation about close contacts.


学生的身体健康牵涉到千家万户,是疫情防控的关键和重中之重。2020年1月29日,国家教育部宣布各地在疫情防控期间做好延期开学的准备,中小学应在延迟开学期间“停课不停教、不停学”。2020年2月2日, 国家卫生健康委发布《新冠病毒防控指南(第一版)》,对学生群体防控做出明确规定。