Prevention and Control for Visiting Medical Institutions

(The Fight Against COVID-19)

Updated:2020-04-26 |

Prevention and Control for Visiting Medical Institutions

In the Guide on Protecting People Against Different Risks of Novel Coronavirus Infection, released on January 30, the NHC provided the following advice to individuals who need to visit a medical institution: 

* Wear a surgical mask and keep hands clean; 

* Avoid taking subway, bus or other public transportation, and avoid going to crowded places; 

* Inform medical staff of their histories of travel to or residence in the epidemic regions and contacts with others, and cooperate with the medical institution to carry out relevant investigations.

Medical institutions should strengthen patient management, allocate medical staff properly, and reduce the risks for hospital-acquired infection. When a suspected or confirmed case is identified, quarantine or containment should be taken in accordance with law, and medical observation and other necessary precautions should be provided to the patient escorts and other close contacts. The institutions lack of the capability for treating COVID-19 should transfer the patients to designated hospitals in a timely manner.