Each of the members of the 10th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) is assigned to one of 54 discussion groups. The groups are divided into such categories as trade union, women's federation, economy, arts and literature, ethnic minorities or Hong Kong SAR, for a total of 33 categories. On this page, china.org.cn takes readers for a close-up look at the group members at work, and their leaders.

1. Communist Party of China (Group1)  

3. China Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomintang (Group1)

5. China Democratic League (Group1)

7. China Democratic National Construction Association (Group1)

9. China Association for the Promotion of Democracy

11. China Zhi Gong Dang

13. Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League

15. Communist Youth League of China/All-China Youth Federation

17. All-China Women's Federation (Group1)

19. All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (Group1)

21. China Association for Science and Technology

23. All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese

25. Literary and Art Group (Group2)

27. Science and Technology Group (Group1)

29. Science and Technology Group (Group3)

31. Social Sciences Group (Group2)

33. Economics Group (Group2)

35. Agriculture Group (Group1)

37. Education Group (Group1)

39. Sports Group

41. Medicine and Health Group (Group1)

43. Group for Friendship with Foreign Countries

45. Ethnic Minorities Group (Group1)

47. Religions Group

49. Hong Kong (Group2)

51. Specially Invited Individuals (Group1)

53. Specially Invited Individuals (Group3)

2. Communist Party of China (Group2)

4. China Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomintang (Group2)

6. China Democratic League (Group2)

8. China Democratic National Construction Association (Group2)

10. China Peasants' and Workers' Democratic Party

12. Jiusan Society

14. Democrats with No Party Affiliations

16. All-China Federation of Trade Unions

18. All-China Women's Federation (Group2)

20. All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (Group2)

22. China Association for Taiwan Compatriots

24. Literary and Art Group (Group1)

26. Literary and Art Group (Group3)

28. Science and Technology Group (Group2)

30. Social Sciences Group (Group1)

32. Economics Group (Group1)

34. Economics Group (Group3)

36. Agriculture Group (Group2)

38. Education Group (Group2)

40. Press and Publications Group

42. Medicine and Health Group (Group2)

44. Social Welfare and Security Group

46. Ethnic Minorities Group (Group2)

48. Hong Kong (Group1)

50. Macao

52. Specially Invited Individuals (Group2)

54. Specially Invited Individuals (Group4)

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