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What are CPPCC motions and proposals?

Motions refer to opinions and proposals on major issues covering state or local policies and social life put forward by members of CPPCC to CPPCC organizations and to the people's congress and people's government.

There are no restrictions placed on time, content or the number of sponsors relating to a motion. A motion is put forward in one of the following four ways: by an individual member or jointly signed by several members; in the name of a group or several groups during the plenary session of a CPPCC committee; by various parties and general organizations holding CPPCC membership; or by special committees under CPPCC in the name of their respective committees. Special agencies have been established for handling motions and proposals under CPPCC to ensure that each article gets the due attention of the department concerned and is properly settled.

Proposals are those articles submitted to the people's congress and its standing committee or government in the name of a CPPCC organization. Such a proposal must be passed at a plenary session, or by the standing committee, or by the meeting of the chairmen.

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