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What are the primary functions of the CPPCC?

The primary functions of the CPPCC include conducting political consultation and democratic supervision, and organizing member parties, organizations and people from various ethnic groups to discuss and manage state affairs.

Political consultation requires that all parties, organizations and cross-sectional representatives take part in consultations concerned with the country's basic policies and important political, economic, cultural and social issues before a decision is made and implemented. The CPPCC's National Committee or various local committees may, as proposed by the CPC, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the people's government, other political parties and people's organizations, convene a meeting for representatives of all parties, organizations and people from various ethnic groups and all walks of life to engage in consultations. They may also suggest that the units listed above submit issues of importance for discussion.

Democratic supervision covers such issues as the implementation of the Constitution; state laws and regulations; the implementation of major policies formulated by the CPC Central Committee and state organs; the implementation of the national economic and social development plans; fiscal budgets; and the conduct of duties, legal adherence, and the integrity of state organs and their staff. The CPPCC members exercise supervision by putting forward proposals and providing constructive criticism.

Taking part in and managing state affairs is a continual process of political consultation and democratic supervision. It includes organizing CPPCC investigations and researching issues that concern the general public and that have come to the attention of the central authorities; actively making constructive suggestions to the CPC and the government at various levels; and maximizing the role of CPPCC members in offering suggestions and services for the program of reform, opening up and the drive to modernization.

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