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Foreign Policy
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China pursues an independent foreign policy of peace, the fundamental objectives of which are the maintenance of world peace and the promotion of common development. Its main elements are as follows:

-- Conforming to the trend of history and safeguarding mankind's common interests. China is willing to work with the international community in the interests of multi-polarity, peaceful coexistence and international stability; also to encourage economic globalization for the common prosperity of all, especially developing countries.

-- Establishing a new international political and economic order based on fairness and reason. Politically, all countries should respect and consult one another, and no country should impose its will on others. Economically, they should promote one another and develop together instead of creating a wide gap between rich and poor. Culturally, they should learn from one another, seek a common prosperity instead of excluding the cultures of other nations. In security, they should trust one another, establish and maintain a new security approach of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and cooperation, achieving conflict resolution through negotiation and cooperation rather than the use or threat of force. China opposes hegemonism and power politics of all kinds and will never seek hegemony or expansion.

-- Safeguarding world diversity, advocating democracy in respect of international relations and diversified patterns of development. Various civilizations, different social systems and different roads of development in the world should be mutually respected. All nations should draw on the strong points of others to offset one's shortcomings in competition; seek areas of commonality whilst preserving differences in their development. A nation’s internal affairs should be decided internally, whilst international issues should be resolved through consultation of all nations on an equal footing.

-- Opposing all forms of terrorism. China advocates strengthening international cooperation, guards against and strikes at terrorism whilst striving to eliminate its root causes. 

-- Improving and developing relations with developed countries, prioritizing the interests of all peoples irrespective of social or ideological differences, expanding common interests and solving disputes on the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. 

-- Strengthening good-neighborly relations with surrounding countries and fostering regional cooperation as their friends and partners.

-- Strengthening unity and cooperation with developing countries, building up mutual understanding, trust and support; widening the areas of cooperation. 

-- Actively participating in multilateral diplomatic activities, playing a vigorous role in the UN and other international and regional organizations, and supporting efforts to safeguard the legitimate rights of developing countries.

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