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The 11th Five-Year Program (2006-2010)
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Starting in 2006, the Outline of the 11th Five-Year Program for National Economic and Social Development (2006-2010) sets major goals for national economic development in the following five years:

-- Stable development of the national economy. Maintain an annual GDP growth of 7.5 percent, and double the 2000 per-capita GDP; create 45 million employment opportunities for urban residents and farmer workers respectively; keep prices stable; and maintain the balance of international revenue and expenditure.

-- Optimizing and upgrading the industrial structure. The industrial, product and enterprise structures are to be more rational, and the added value of the tertiary industry will increase by 3 percentage points in the GDP, with an employment growth of 4 percentage points of the total labor force. Enhance the independent innovative capability, increase the proportion of the expenditure on scientific research and experiments to 2 percent of GDP, and develop enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and famous brands, and strong international competitiveness.

-- A marked growth in the utilization of resources. The energy consumption for per-unit GDP will decrease by 20 percent; the water consumption for per-unit industrial added value will decrease by 30 percent; the utilization coefficient for agricultural irrigation water will grow to 0.5; and the comprehensive ratio for solid industrial residue used will increase to 60 percent.

-- Enhancing the capability for sustainable development. Maintain 120 million ha cultivated land; intensify the protection for fresh water, energy, and important mineral resources; and put under control the deteriorating trend of ecological environment, reduce the total volume of released major pollutants by 10 percent, increase the forest coverage to 20 percent, and control greenhouse gas emission.

-- Perfecting the market economic system. Make breakthroughs in the reform and mechanism setup of the administration, state-owned enterprises, finance and taxation, and banking, and greatly enhance the capability of market supervision and social management; coordinate the opening-up and domestic development in a still better way, and promote the opening economy to a new level.

-- Further improving people's life. An annual increase of five percent for the per-capita disposable income of urban residents and for the per-capita net income of rural residents respectively, an overall growth in the quality of life of urban and rural residents, and remarkable improvement of the conditions of housing, communication, culture and environment.

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