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China and APEC

APEC leaders lining up in traditional Vietnamese costume for commemorative picture, Hanoi, November 19, 2006


China actively participates in Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), reserving differences while seeking common ground and promoting cooperation. In November 2006, at the 14th APEC Leaders’ Informal Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, President Hu Jintao delivered a speech titled "Promoting Common Development and Seeking Harmonious Win-Win Progress." He suggested that APEC should focus on economic cooperation and play a bigger role in supporting the development of a multilateral trade system, attaining the Bogor Goals, and fostering new progress in economic and technical cooperation. China upholds the Hanoi Plan of Action initiated for achieving the Bogor Goals on schedule and proposed the setup of APEC Harbor Service Network. President Hu also announced that the Chinese government would donate two million US dollars to promote Asia-Pacific economic and technical cooperation. China supports the harmonious coexistence and development of various regional and sub-regional cooperation mechanisms within the Asia-Pacific area, and exercises open regionalism and tolerance toward mechanisms outside the area.


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