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Overseas Investment

According to statistics published by the Ministry of Commerce, China is becoming a new country with large investment. By the end of 2006, China had a direct overseas investment totaling US$ 73.33 billion (excluding finance); the accumulated sales volume of its overseas contracting projects topped US$ 165.8 billion.

Direct overseas investment by China's enterprises is widening its scope, ranging from ordinary export trade, catering and simple processing to sales networks, air logistics management, resource development, design and manufacturing, and research and development. China's investment regions have expanded to more than 160 countries and regions. Transnational merger and acquisition has become the main channel of China's overseas investment. China's direct overseas investment through merger and acquisition amounted to US$ 4.74 billion in 2006, making up 36.7 percent of its total direct overseas investment for the year. 

Some large enterprises and groups have become multinationals with relatively strong international competitiveness through their specialized, intensive and scaled transnational management, widening their resource configuration and strengthening their capability to participate in overseas economic cooperation. Such group companies include the China Petroleum and Chemical Company, State Grid Corporation of China and China National Petroleum Corporation. 

China Integrated Digital Enhanced Network setting up in business in Malaysia, January 9, 2007

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