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Intellectual Property Rights Protection

China's institutional system of intellectual property rights (IPR) was initiated in the 1980s. Within two short decades, China has experienced what advanced countries had undergone over dozens and even hundreds of years regarding IPR. China has promulgated and implemented a series of laws and statues on IPR as well as related specifications for implementation and legal interpretation, including laws to protect patents, trademarks and copyright, statutes to protect computer software, integrated circuit layout design, audio and video products, new varieties of plants and intellectual property customs, Olympic logos and right to promulgate information online, and regulations to manage special markings. All these contribute to improvement in China's IPR related legal system. 

In accordance with the Action Outline for Protecting Intellectual Properties (2006-2007) issued by the State Council in April 2006, service centers for reports  and complaints of IPR violations have been set up. The general office of the State Working Group for IPR Protection also established a website — — with both Chinese and English versions, to offer specialized services to the public in China and overseas.  

Diamond aircraft DA40, a Sino-Austrian joint production, going into batch-production at Dagao General Aviation Company, filling the production gap for two- and four-seat fixed-wing aircraft in general aviation in China, December 8, 2006

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