Fast Facts
Land and Natural Resources
Administrative Divisions and Cities
Population and Ethnic Groups
Political System and State Structure
Political Parties and Other Organizations
China and the World
New and High-Technology Industries
Communications and Transportation
Finance and Insurance
Opening up to the Outside World
Environmental Protection
Science and Technology
Sports and Physical Fitness

Objectives for Economic Construction

China's overall economic construction objectives were clearly stated in the Three-Step Development Strategy set out in 1987: Step One — to double the 1980 GNP and ensure that the people have enough food and clothing — was attained by the end of the 1980s; Step Two — to quadruple the 1980 GNP by the end of the 20th century — was achieved in 1995 ahead of schedule; Step Three — to increase per-capita GNP to the level of the medium-developed countries by the mid-21st century — at which point, the Chinese people will be fairly well-off and modernization will be basically realized.

The Qianxi Power Plant, Guizhou, one of the seven power plants for China’s East-West Electricity Transmission Project. The Project’s newly installed capacity has reached four million kw.

Construction of Caofeidian Industrial Zone, one of the biggest elements in China’s 11th Five-Year Plan; the Zone will encompass international terminals for energy sources and raw materials, a large-scale heavy industry base and national reserve and regulating center for commercial resource

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