IX. Plans on subject research

(I). To analyze the reasoning of China's accession to the Internet Treaty.

To have in-depth study on relevant developments in relation with China's accession to the Internet Treaty, and, on the basis of which and also in line with China's specific national conditions, to analyze the reasoning.

(II). To investigate and research on the issue of software legalization in the Chinese market.

To identify existing problems in the software legalization efforts, consolidate current results, and further promote the overall progress of this endeavor in order to ensure the sound development of China's software industry and the shaping up of an orderly market environment.

(III). To intensify the study on the customs' case handling procedures, rules on evidence and law enforcement difficulties in IPR cases, as well as their coordination with other law-enforcement bodies.

(IV). To continue the dedicated research on "IPR Issues in the Pharmaceutical Field".

To propose IPR policies and countermeasures for promoting and protecting the development of China's pharmaceutical industry.

(V). To launch key research on the issue of "Improving the judicial IPR protection mechanism".

To propose scientific measures and workable suggestions on how to further improve the IPR judicial protection mechanism with a view to facilitating the litigation process of the parties involved and the hearing process of the courts, optimizing the allocation of court resources, simplifying the remedy proceedings, and ensuring the judicial integrity.

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