VIII. Plans on services for right holders

(I). To set up a patent data search system in the area of information technology.

To help companies enhance their capability in searching and analyzing patent information, solve practical problems of the companies in using IPR-related information, and to elevate their IPR management level.

(II). To further improve the efficiency in trademark registration, the accuracy and impartiality of trademark review decision and arbitration ruling of trademark-related disputes.

(III). To vigorously promote the establishment of phase III system of automated trademark registration and management.

To optimize the function of the trademark database online search system and China's trademark website and constantly improve the social service quality for trade registration and management.

(IV). To strengthen the well-known trademark recognition and protection efforts.

To summarize the experiences in recognizing and protecting well-known trademarks since the implementation of the new trademark law, make intensified efforts in recognizing and protecting well-know trademarks, and to foster more advantaged companies with well-known trademarks and strong international competitiveness.

(V). To carry out targeted training on and popularization of trademark international registration knowledge.

To research and study on the overseas trademark protection situation of companies with well-known trademarks and foreign trade companies, and to carry out targeted training on and popularization of trademark international registration information.

(VI). To set up the National Intellectual Property Office Government Portal Website.

1. The general objective of the Website is, in line with the requirement to transform government functions, improve the quality of government information service, strengthen the rule-based administration capability of the government, enhance the transparency of government operation procedures, and to help the government better serve the general public, to set up a convenient, quick and efficient channel offering convenient services and serving as an interactive platform so that the general public can, through the portal website, keep abreast of the IPR developments and relevant IPR information in a timely manner.

2. The main contents of the Website include: patent application information, table download, patent protection, patent document, patent document search (free of charge), patent online consulting, laws and regulations, statistical information, etc.

3. Role of the Website: By setting up such a portal website, to further improve the quality of information service provided by the Intellectual Property Offices for the general public, and to play a more positive role in strengthening the protection over patent application, and promoting the popularization of patented technologies.

(VII). To hold symposiums to solicit opinions and suggestions.

1. To hold symposiums between Intellectual Property Offices and leading companies in different industries, where Chinese companies invested by Top Fortune 500 companies will be invited, to solicit their opinions and suggestions on patent review.

2. To organize symposiums with patent agents to ask for their opinions and suggestions on patent review done by the Intellectual Property Offices.

(VIII). To set up a feedback mechanism on patent review quality.

To preliminarily shaping up a relatively complete feedback mechanism for patent review quality, to promote the effective supervision over the patent review work of the Intellectual Property Offices by patent inventors, applicants, right holders and the general public.

(IX). To establish and improve intermediary agencies and industrial associations.

To intensify investigation and research efforts, propose policies and measures encouraging and supporting the establishment and development of intermediary institutions. To actively support and encourage industrial associations and social intermediary organizations to perform, and to give full play to their important role in serving the community and the industries, so as to forge a favorable interactive relationship in which the government is the supervisor and administrator, social entities safeguard their rights, and companies operate legally.

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