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Chinese Idioms 成 语

Lesson 5
Qián lǘ jì qióng
【黔 驴 技 穷】
The Donkey of Guizhou
A long time ago, when there were no donkeys in Guizhou Province, the sight of the animal caused great curiosity and excitement. One day, someone brought a donkey into the province and tied it to a tree at the foot of a mountain. A tiger saw the donkey, and thought that it was a monster. It hid behind a tree to spy on the donkey. When the donkey brayed, the tiger was frightened, thinking that the donkey was about to attack and eat it. After a while, seeing that the donkey had not moved, the tiger approached it and started teasing it. The donkey grew angry, and kicked the tiger. The tiger thought to itself: "Is that all it is capable of?" It then jumped on the donkey and ate it.
wén jiàn
To love to see and hear
xiào yán kāi
To beam with pleasure or joy
Tiān huā luàn zhuì
To give an exaggerated account of something
Tiān lún zhī
To describe family love and happiness