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Laoyemiao Land (Highway) Port

Laoyemiao Port is located in Balikon Kazak Autonomous County, Hami Prefecture. It is 172 kilometers from the county seat, 308 kilometers from the city of Hami and 773 kilometers from Urumqi. The port borders Govi Altay Province of Mongolia, 57 kilometers from Burgast Port and 484 kilometers from Altaj, the capital of Govi Altay Province.

On June 24, 1991, the Chinese and Mongolian governments agreed to open the Laoyemiao Port. After receiving approval from the State Council, it was formally opened in March 1992.

This is a seasonal port, opening every March, June, August and November 15-30. It can handle 30,000 tons of commodities and 10,000 passengers each year. The present infrastructure and supplemental facilities meet basic needs. Customs, inspection and quarantine functions are handled by staff sent from units in Urumqi during the periods the port is open.

Since its opening, the bilateral cooperation has expanded from simple barter trade to various economic and technological fields. To date, about 854,000 people have entered or exited the port, along with 30,000 vehicles and 122,000 tons of goods. In 2002, 3,100 passengers, 1,368 vehicles and 6,000 tons of cargo passed through the port. With the development of Sino-Mongolian border trade and promotion of economic and technological cooperation and exchange, the port will contribute substantially to the economic development of Hami Prefecture.

( December 15, 2004)

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