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Turgart Port

Turgart Port is located in Uqia County, Kizilso Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture. It is a commercial port between China and Kirgizstan, and an important gateway to Central, South and West Asia as well as Europe.

The Turgart Port was originally situated in the Turgart Mountain pass, at an elevation of 3,795 meters and in an area poorly suited to international trade. In November 1995, it moved to Topa, 120 kilometers from the original site.

Topa is situated at an elevation of 2,000 meters, 62 kilometers from Artux in the east, 57 kilometers from Kashi in the north and 444 kilometers from Kunjirap Port in the south.

The front of the port and passageway from the port to Topa are supervised and managed by a border patrol unit. In 1993, a 112-kilometer Class III road was built from Topa to Turgart. Other facilities such as comprehensive inspection hall, office building and warehouses are also in place. To meet growing trade needs, the Turgart Port is expected to convert to an international port.

In 2002, 26,000 passengers, 12,200 vehicles and 142,000 tons of cargo passed through the port.

( December 15, 2004)

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