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2006 Asian Games
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The 15th Asian Games (also known as the XV Asiad), is a multi-sport event that will be held in Doha, Qatar from December 1 to December 15, 2006. The games are participated by different countries located in Asia. The event is going to one of the most widely broadcasted events all over the world.

Doha became the first city in its region and only the second in West Asia since Tehran in 1974 to host the games.


The Doha Asian Games Organising Committee chose "Orry", a Qatari Oryx, as the official mascot of the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006. The Oryx was once an endangered species, but thanks to preservation and conservation groups it has recently been reintroduced to the wild.

Participating Countries Code Nation / IOC designation First use ISO-code Notes

AFG  Afghanistan 1936 AFG FIFA-code AFG
BAN  Bangladesh 1984 BGD 
BHU  Bhutan 1984 BTN 
BRN  Bahrain 1984 BHR 
BRU  Brunei (IOC designation: Brunei Darussalam) 1988 BRN 
CAM  Cambodia 1956 KHM 
CHN  China (IOC designation: People's Republic of China) 1932 CHN Republic of China as "China" 1932-1956
current usage began 1984
HKG  Hong Kong, China 1952 HKG designated "Hong Kong" 1952-1996
current usage began 2000
IND  India 1900 IND 
INA  Indonesia 1956 IDN IHO 1952
IRI  Iran (IOC designation: Islamic Republic of Iran) 1948 IRN FIFA-code IRN
IRQ  Iraq 1948 IRQ 
JOR  Jordan 1968 JOR 
JPN  Japan 1912 JPN 
KAZ  Kazakhstan 1996 KAZ part of RUS 1900-1912
part of URS 1924-1988
KGZ  Kyrgyzstan 1996 KGZ part of RUS 1900-1912
part of URS 1924-1988
KOR  Republic of Korea (IOC designation: Korea) 1948 KOR 
KSA  Saudi Arabia 1972 SAU 
KUW  Kuwait 1968 KWT 
LAO  Laos (IOC designation: Lao People's Democratic Republic)  1980 LAO 
LIB  Lebanon 1948 LBN 
MAC  Macau, People's Republic of China - MAC without IOC recognition
MAS  Malaysia 1956 MYS 
MDV  Maldives 1988 MDV 
MGL  Mongolia 1964 MNG 
MYA  Myanmar 1996 MMR BIR 1948-1992
NEP  Nepal 1964 NPL 
OMA  Oman 1984 OMN 
PAK  Pakistan 1948 PAK 
PHI  Philippines 1924 PHL 
PLE  Palestinian Authority (IOC designation: Palestine) 1996 PSE FIFA-code PAL
PRK  Democratic People's Republic of Korea 1972 PRK 
QAT  Qatar 1984 QAT 
SIN  Singapore 1948 SGP 
SRI  Sri Lanka 1948 LKA 
SYR  Syria (IOC designation: Syrian Arab Republic) 1948 SYR 
THA  Thailand 1952 THA 
TJK  Tajikistan 1996 TJK part of RUS 1900-1912
part of URS 1924-1988
TKM  Turkmenistan 1996 TKM part of RUS 1900-1912
part of URS 1924-1988
part of EUN 1992
TLS  Timor-Leste 2004 TLS IOA 2000
TPE  Chinese Taipei (Republic of China)
UAE  United Arab Emirates 1984 ARE 
UZB  Uzbekistan 1996 UZB part of RUS 1900-1912
part of URS 1924-1988
VIE  Vietnam (IOC designation: Viet Nam) 1952 VNM 
YEM  Yemen 1992 YEM 

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Official Website of the 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar

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