An international symposium with the theme of "Respecting and Promoting Human Rights and Constructing a Harmonious World" was held in Beijing from November 22 to 24. More than 70 officials and researchers from over 20 countries had heated discussions on human rights issues at the symposium.
Related Event
A major human rights exhibition kicked off in Beijing on November 17, showcasing China's efforts to protect human rights. The exhibition and the symposium were both to mark the 15th anniversary of China's issuance of its first white paper on human rights, as well as the 40th anniversary of the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
- Harmony Important to Human Rights
- Balance, Equality Basic for Building Harmonious World with Human Rights
- Expert: China Stands for Dialogue, Opposes Antagonism in Human Rights Area
- Experts Attend Human Rights Exhibition in Beijing
- Human Rights Symposium Ends with Consensus
- World Delegates Discuss Human Rights
- Forum: Respect Key to Human Rights
- Researcher: Over 10,000 NGOs Working for Women's Rights in China
- Senior Advisor Stresses Human Rights in Building Harmonious World
- China Urges Support for Different Modes of Human Rights Development
- China Seeks Int'l Cooperation on Human Rights Protection
- Legislator: Human Rights Depend on Harmonious, Orderly Society
- China Holds Major Human Rights Exhibition in Beijing

- Human Rights and the Harmonious World – A Brief Perspective
- International Human Rights Law: A Tool to Strengthen Peace and Security
- Privatizing Human Rights: Can Multi-Nationals Excel Where Governments Fail?
- Hegemonic Orders in an Anarchical Society: Conditions for Stability
- Human Rights and Liberalization of Judicial and Legal System in Uzbekistan
- Cooperation and a Harmonious World: Advances for the Human Rights
- Human Rights in Vietnam During Renovation Process: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects
- Human Rights, the Brazilian Experience and the International Scenario
- The Role of National Human Rights Institutions to Protect the Human Rights of Migrant Workers:
- Equality, Communication, Cooperation and the Harmonious World
- Equality Under the Law in Latin America
- Human Right Issues on the Ainu People in Japan: Their Social and Cultural Development through Overcoming the Social Prejudice and Discrimination
Government White Papers
- China's Progress in Human Rights in 2004
- Progress in China's Human Rights Cause in 2003
- Human Rights Record of the United States in 2001
- Progress in China's Human Rights Cause in 2000
- Fifty Years of Progress in China's Human Rights
- New Progress in Human Rights in the Tibet Autonomous Region
- Progress in China's Human Rights Cause in 1996
- The Progress of Human Rights in China
- Tibet--Its Ownership And Human Rights Situation
- Human Rights in China

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- China's Human Rights
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