China's multi-party cooperation system has undergone a glorious history of 58 years. It has been proved through practice that the multi-party cooperation system, as a basic political system of China, is inevitable, innovative and superior.

At present, the Chinese people are striving with confidence for building a comparatively well-off society in an all-round way, and endeavoring to build a prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and modern socialist country. Pursuing and improving the multi-party cooperation system is conducive to promoting the sustainable development of the social productive forces, realizing the overall progress of society, further fulfilling and developing the people's democracy, facilitating socialist political civilization, expediting the development of socialist culture and socialist ethical progress, maintaining political stability and social stability and unity in the country, and boosting the construction of a harmonious socialist society.

With the continuous development of the reform of political system and socialist democratic politics in China, the multi-party cooperation system will continue to develop. In order to pursue and improve this basic political system, we must unswervingly follow the road of developing socialist politics with Chinese characteristics. At the same time, we must actively learn from the useful fruits of the political civilization of mankind without mechanically copying other countries' political party systems. In the great cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, the multi-party cooperation system established and developed by the CPC and all democratic parties, will continue to be consolidated and improved to play a more and more important role.