Launch records
> April 27, 2006: China successfully launched a remote sensing satellite and put it into preset orbit. The Remote Sensing Satellite No.1 blast off atop a Long March 4-B carrier rocket at 6:48 AM. The 2.7-ton satellite will be mainly used for scientific experiment, survey of land resources, appraisal of crops and disaster prevention and alleviation.
> November 6, 2004: China successfully put its earth resource satellite, the third of ZY-2, into the orbit with the Long-March 4-B rocket. The ZY-2, China's second transmitting-type remote sensing satellite, is mainly used for land resource surveying, environmental supervision and protection, city planning, crop yield assessment, disaster monitoring and space scientific experiment.
> September 9, 2004: launch of two scientific experiment satellites atop a Long March 4-B rocket carrier. With a designed life of at least two years, these satellites will be used to probe space radiation and its effects as well as other related experiments.
> July 25, 2004: launch of Probe No. 2, the second satellite of a Sino-European joint space probe program, known as the Double Star Project.
> October 21, 2003: launch of Long March IV B carrier rocket, carrying an earth resources satellite jointly developed with Brazil and a China-made Chuangxin I (Innovation I) into orbit.
> September 16, 2003: launch of China's first four-stage solid-fuel carrier rocket "Pioneer I". This rocket can send a variety of small satellites of up to 100-kg into space within 12 hours.
> May 15, 2002: launch of HY-1A, China's first marine satellite.
> May 10, 1999: launch of March 4th II carrier rocket carrying one weather satellite and one experimental satellite (the center's seventh successful launch of two satellites on one rocket in a row).
> By 1999 ten iridium satellites had been launched from the center for foreign corporations.
> The Taiyuan Launching Center also engages in commercial launches for overseas clients. The first international commercial launch was on December 8, 1997, when it successfully sent into orbit two iridium satellites made by the American company Motorola.
> September 7, 1988: the first Fengyun satellite sent into geostationary orbit, followed by a second on December 3, 1990.
> By 1988, it had launched more than 70 carrier rockets of different kinds, from medium- to long-range.
> December 1968: launch of China's first medium-range rocket.

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