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Economic Reforms
Realize the Four Modernizations and Never Seek Hegemony
We Can Develop a Market Economy Under Socialism
On Questions of Rural Policy
China's Historical Experience in Economic Construction
We Shall Concentrate on Economic Development
Our Work in All Fields Should Contribute to the Building of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
We Are Building a Socialist Society with Both High Material Standards and High Cultural and Ethical Standards
We Are on the Right Track and Our Policies Will Not Change
Make a Success Of Special Economic Zones and Open More Cities to the Outside World
Our Magnificent Goal and Basic Policies
We Regard Reform as a Revolution
We Must Follow Our Own Road in Economic Development as We Did in Revolution
We Shall Expand Political Democracy and Carry Out Economic Reform
Seize the Opportune Moment to Advance the Reform
There Is No Fundamental Contradiction Between Socialism and a Market Economy
Let the Facts Speak for Themselves
Planning and the Market Are Both Means of Developing the Productive Forces
To Uphold Socialism We Must Eliminate Poverty
Reform and Opening to the Outside World Can Truly Invigorate China
We Shall Speed Up Reform
In Everything We Do We Must Proceed from the Realities of the Primary Stage of Socialism
The International Situation and Economic Problems
Remarks Made During an Inspection Tour of Shanghai

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