214 Killed in Coal Mine Blast

Family members of trapped miners are waiting anxiously for latest rescue news outside the Sunjiawan Colliery of the Fuxin Coal Industry Group. A gas-blast occurred there on February 14, 2005 and trapped 574 miners underground. It claimed a total of 214 lives, making it one of the deadliest mining accidents in Chinese history.

· 35 Confirmed Dead in Flooded Henan Colliery
· Death Toll Rises to 90 in Hebei Colliery Blast
· Coalmine Blast Kills 134 And Trapped 15 in Heilongjiang
· List of Unqualified Collieries Released
· Mine Accidents Kill 24
· Death Toll Rises to 31 in Gypsum Mine Collapse
· China Earmarks 32 Billion Yuan for Coalmine Safety
· Rescue Stops in Guangdong Coal Mine, 123 Dead
· Coal Mine Accidents Kill 32 in 4 Days
· Mine Blast Investigation Concludes
· Officials Held Accountable for Mine Disaster
· Chongqing Coal Mine Blast Kills 18
· 214 Confirmed Dead in Liaoning Mine Blast
· Shanxi to Close Low-output Coal Mines
· NE China Coal Mine Blast Another Lesson Drawn in Blood
· Mine Disaster Rescue Operations Continue

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