Nanxun is located in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. Situated in the plains surrounding Hangjia Lake, Nanxun is a historically and culturally well-known town in the province. Its history goes back some 750 years. The original flavor of the town has been well kept with old stone bridges, streets between rivers, houses along rivers, mansions with a combination of Chinese and western architecture, and old pine and cypress trees in courtyards.
Tourist Attractions
Jiaye Stack Building, built in 1924, is one of the four stack buildings with the largest collection of books in the region south of the Yangtze River. At one time, it housed over 600,000 books. Now the Stack Room of Zhejiang Provincial Library, the Jiaye Stack Building has 52 rooms with a spacious courtyard and with a two-storey western-styled winding corridor.
Folk Customs
Celebrating the birth of a child-Presenting Soups-After a woman marries, she moves in with her husband's family. This is typical of most, if not all, parts of China. The woman is somewhat of princess when she is pregnant. About a month before she is due to give birth, her parents will prepare presents, collectively called "presenting soups." The presents are typically food items such as brown sugar, eggs, and milk powder. Some parents present baby clothing, diapers and other baby stuff made by themselves.
Useful Information
Through ticket: 60 yuan Information: Nanxun Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Tel: 0572-301 2215 http://www.chinananxun.com/ How to get there: Nanxun is 123 km from Shanghai, 51 km from Suzhou and 125 km from Hangzhou. Take a bus from the Hangzhou north bus station, Qiujiang bus station or Hutai bus station in Shanghai, or transfer to a Nanxun bus from Wuzhen.
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