The streets of Wuzhen run alongside rivers with bridges for intersections. Houses are built along the rivers, and they are typically imposing dwellings with spacious courtyards, overlapping roofs and high eaves. Other structures apart from houses run along the rivers, like docks, walkways, workshops, commercial buildings, and pavilions, some on the water.
Tourist Attractions
The workshops in this area show off Wuzhen's more popular folk arts and crafts like printing and dyeing, silk floss making, bamboo crafts, pastry making and cut tobacco making. Wuzhen is famous for its red sun-cured cut tobacco. Visitors can actually participate in the making process.
Folk Customs
There is almost a local fair every month in the Tongxiang area, e.g. the January Lantern Fair, March Temple Fair, April Young Crops Fair, May General Wen Fair, July Town God Fair, and so on. Among those fairs, the Town God Fair is the busiest.
Useful Information
Through ticket: 60 yuan Tricycle sightseeing: The starting price is 3 yuan; 15 yuan for a trip around the whole town Information: Wuzhen Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Tel: 0573-871 3991, 871 1223 Website: http://www.wuzhen.com.cn/wuzhen.eng/index.asp How to get there: From Shanghai: On weekends and public holidays,
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