Pork Rib and Wax Gourd Soup
250 grams (5/9 lb.) pork ribs
250 grams (5/9 lb.) wax gourd
20 grams (4 tsp.)cookig wine
5 grams (5/6 tsp.) salt
2 grams (1/2 tsp) MSG


(1) Wash the pork ribs clean and cut into squares with about 4 cm (slightly more than 1 inch) each side. Remove hte skin of the wax gourd,w ash clean and cut into slices of about 3 cm (a little under 1 inch) thickeness.

(2) Quick-boil the pork ribs, bring them out and rinse them in water. Get rid of the boiled water. Put 1,000 grams (2 cups) of fresh water into the soup pot. Add the pork rivs, wax gourd, cooking wine, salt, and use a low fire to let it simmer until the meat is quite soft. Now add MSG and serve.

Features: The soup is rich and delicious.
Taste: Both the meat and the wax gourd are deliciously soft.

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