· Man given death sentence for trafficking drugs
· Death sentence for man who burned pregnant girl
· Man sentenced to death for raping girls as young as 8
· Cop killers sentenced to death
· Death Sentence Rules Relaxed
· Ex-drug Chief's Execution Justified
· Man Sentenced to Death for Killing Six Family Members
· Former Drug Official Gets Suspended Death Sentence
· Supreme Court Targets 'Judicial Injustice'
· Court Upholds Death Sentence for "King of Shanghai's Underworld"
· Teacher Gets Death for Raping 18 Primary School Girls
· Court Hails Death Penalty Review a Success
· Man Sentenced to Death for Killing 6 in E. China
· Fewer Executions After Legal Reform
· Death Penalty Mitigation Triggers Debate
· Ex-Drug Official Sentenced to Death
· More Extradition Treaties Solicited
· Elderly Woman Sentenced to Death for Drug Smuggling
· Four Death Sentences Approved
· Man Wrongly Imprisoned for Murder Becomes Restaurateur
· No Turning Back on Death Rule
· Review of Death Penalty Cautious and Strict: Supreme Court
· More Ethnic Judges, Translators Needed to Cope with Stricter Death Penalty
· Top Court: No Death Penalty for Lai Changxing
· Procedures Detailed for Death Penalties
· New Regulation Guarantees Death Penalty Review
· Man Sentenced to Death for Murder, Robbery Plot
· Review 'Not a Signal of Lenience'
· China Changes Law to Limit Death Sentence
· Death Penalty Review Right to Be Exercised
· Restricted Use of Death Penalty Ordered
· Amended Law to Drive down Number of Executions
· Supreme Court Expands Death Penalty Review Team
· Law to Limit Death Sentence Changed
· Death Penalty Reform Boosts Human Rights
· Provincial Courts to Lose Death Sentence Rights
· Procedural Justice Matters
· Court Rules Improve Penalty Application
· Open Court Hearings for Capital Cases
· China to Launch New Nationwide Survey on Death Causes
· Videotape to Be Used in Death Sentence Cases
· Supreme Court to Review All Death Penalty Cases
· China Reforms Death Penalty Trials in 2006: Top Judge
· Death Sentences on Trial in Open Courts
· Supreme Court to Withdraw Death Sentence Review
· SPC Reaffirms to Withdraw Death Sentence Review
· Public Hearings for Contested Capital Cases
· Supreme Court Prepares for Judicial Reform
· Judiciary Vows Death Sentence Caution
· Courts to Be Cautious over Death Sentence
· Supreme Court's Review of Death Sentences Reinstated
Fairs & Expositions
Oct.22-26 Yiwu Int'l Commodities Fair
Nov.8-12 China Int'l Jewellery Fair
Nov.9-10 EU-China Partenariat
Nov.15-17 Tissue World Asia 2006
Let the good times roll
A half-day visit to Xijiang for the Miao tribe's "New Year" celebrations is well worth the effort, especially if you enjoy feasts.
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