Editor's Note

Pressure has mounted on Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian to step down after he was questioned in August 2006 over alleged misuse of funds intended for "state" affairs. Shih Ming-teh, Chen's former ally and former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) chairman, launched in August an anti-Chen campaign calling for his resignation. However, Chen has denied any wrongdoing and vowed to stay on until his second and final term ends in May 2008.

· Taiwan's Chen Survives 2nd Impeachment
· Mass Rally Calls for Chen Shui-bian to Go
· Recall Motion Against Taiwan's Chen Under Consideration
· Spokesman Condemns "Constitutional Reform" of Taiwan
· Cross-straits Disaster Control System Launched
· Chen Under Renewed Pressure
· 'We Hope for Peace, Stability in Taiwan'
· Anti-Chen Protestors Return to Sit-in
· Protest Demanding Chen Shui-bian's Resignation
· Top Official's Taiwan Visit Refused
· Taiwan 'Representation' in UN Doomed to Failure: FM
· Taiwan's 'Palimentary' Vote Fails to Oust Chen Shui-bian
· Taiwan's Bid for WHO Entry Denied
· Cross-Straits Projects Planned for Agriculture
· Mainland Issues New Policy Package for Cross-Straits Trade Ties