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1. The emblem regards "soaring Changchun" as the creative conception and regards running hand (in Chinese calligraphy) as the modeling element. The emblem consists of the first letter "C" of "Changchun". The calligraphy combines the movement of ski jumping and short-track speed skating and transmits the conception of "The 6th Winter Asian Games" with three-dimensional image.
2. The blue letter "C" symbolizes "the city of science and technology" and "the city of Ice and Snow" Changchun. The letter "C" demonstrates the region characteristic of the host city Changchun as "Ice and Snow Stadium". The green letter "C" symbolizes "the city of forest" and "the city of spring beyond the great Wall". Green color represents the peace. It images "the first of friendship, the competition is second".

3. The emblem presents the image of both "change with each passing day" and "the hawk hits the vast sky". The modeling is succinct and strong. The brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy is with ease and verve. It is also imbued with impact force of since and vision. It shows the culture of the Northeast characteristic and mental attitude on "hospitable and bold and unconstrained, have the courage to bring forth new ideas". The emblem is not only the strong explanation to the sport spirit of "higher, faster, stronger" but also shows the theory of holding games and lofty aspirations, that is "runs Asian Winter Games well and build new Changchun".


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