Xinhua Commentary: "Whoever Plays with Fire Gets Burnt"
In recent years, the Falun Gong cult has repeatedly sabotaged various public communication systems and even hijacked national satellite broadcasts, resulting in serious damage to the public order on the Chinese mainland.

By employing advanced technologies, the Falun Gong addicts have frequently cut into the cable television network to broadcast their propaganda, disseminated their heresy through the Internet, and made direct phone calls, anonymously, from overseas to harass innocent residents.

Why do some Falun Gong diehards dare to blemish modern civilization in such a barefaced manner?

It is because of Li Hongzhi, the cult's ringleader at its headquarters overseas, that so many shameful acts against people’s legal rights and interests have been carried out.

Throughout the year, Li has issued a series of so-called "instructions," aiming to incite Falun Gong followers to carry out a new round of attacks on the communication systems on the Chinese mainland.

Just recently, Li gave a direct "instruction," which clearly instructs the Falun Gong organizations in Taiwan to attack certain “targets," especially on the Chinese mainland.

The "Minghui" website, one of Falun Gong's major propaganda tools, has played a leading role in deluding the cult's followers to act against the law and the people.

This year, the "Minghui" website has continually posted a "how-to" for cutting into cable television networks and publicized detailed technological parameters of the Sinosat satellite, giving hints and guidance to those Falun Gong followers who are ready to attack.

More notably, a "black hand" behind the scene has been observed. According to experts, the source beams that hacked into the national satellite system proved to be sent from the Taipei area in Taiwan Province.

In the past several years, some people in Taiwan have always stood behind the scenes, harboring and even supporting the Falun Gong's disgraceful behavior, with an eye to split China by disrupting peaceful reunification with the mainland.

In December 2000, the Falun Gong organizations in Taiwan held a "candlelight evening for the Falun Dafa," which was attended by Lu Hsiu-lien, notorious for propagating the policy of an independent Taiwan. Lu even expressed her blessing to the cult's followers, saying she wished them great success in their practice of Falun Gong.

Whoever plays with fire will finally perish by fire. The fact that the Falun Gong organizations in Taipei illegally hijacked the SINOSAT satellite beams has not only breached people's lawful interests, but also has hurt the feelings of people across the Taiwan Straits. Falun Gong will never gain popular support and is doomed to be spurned by people on both sides of the straits.

We believe our Taiwan compatriots will see through the vicious purpose of Falun Gong organizations and keep alert against their sabotage activities.

The Taiwan authorities and relative departments are obligated to immediately stop such illegal activities by Falun Gong.

Finally, we also formally inform those who shield or support the evil cult that they should halt at the brink of the precipice, or they will suffer from their actions in the end.

(Xinua News Agency September 24, 2002)