'Taiwan Independence': Greatest Threat to Taiwan Straits Peace
Recently, Chen Shui-bien, in the name of "democracy" and "counter-terrorism", convened so-called Sanzhi Conference and drew "10-point conclusion", in which he directed the counter-terrorism" spearhead at the Chinese mainland and hooked up international counter-terrorism" with the democracy of China's mainland., equated the Chinese mainland's opposition to "Taiwan independence" and enhancement of its military capabilities for safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity with terrorism and hypocritically took the posture of concerning himself with the mainland's democracy and human rights and assisting the mainland to push forward democratization, his motives are extremely sinister.

In fact, Chen's real intention is not "anti-terrorism", but is taking advantage of the opportunity to oppose the Chinese mainland and push through his "Taiwan independence" separatist line.

Is China's mainland terrorism? China had all along been subjected to imperialist terrorist aggression in modern history; since its founding in 1949, New China has always pursued the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence in its relations with foreign countries, after its legal status in the United Nations was restored, it has all the more devoted its efforts to the defense of world peace.

Following the occurrence of the "September 11 incident" in the United States, the Chinese government, besides expressing its sympathy with the victims of the incident and condemnation of the terrorist acts, has also adopted a series of measures in active coordination with the international anti-terrorist campaign, for instance, it searched for the terrorist suspects, provided relevant intelligence and information, dealt vigorous blows to the East Turkistan terrorist forces, etc., this fact is evident to the international community. In commemorating the first anniversary of the "September 11" terrorist attacks, US Ambassador to China Clark Randt spoke bluntly that China's active anti-terrorist effort had led to closer US-China relations.

These ironclad facts have cast the peaceful image of the Chinese mainland which absolutely cannot be calumniated by the Chen Shui-bien authority. Just as what an opposition party "legislator" of Taiwan has said, "the whole world is already well aware, there is no need for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to deceive the ordinary people". It is clear Chen Shui-bien is either ignorant or harboring ulterior motives when he mentioned the Chinese mainland and terrorism in the same breath.

One argument used by the Chen Shui-bien authority to list the Chinese mainland in the ranks of terrorism is that he claimed the mainland has "sped up the development of a transcending limited war method similar to terrorist attacking means" and has thus "seriously threatened" Taiwan's "national security and people's well-being", etc., this is all the more very absurd and represents the greatest slander action against the Chinese mainland.

As is mentioned above, the mainland has always been known for peace-loving and combating terrorism, let alone its attitude toward Taiwan compatriots. Taiwan is not any sort of "state", but is an inalienable part of the sacred territory of China. The quintessence of the "peaceful reunification, and one country, two systems" policy pursued by the mainland toward Taiwan is "democracy and peace". Because the entire Chinese people, including Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese nationals, hope for peaceful reunification of the country, oppose division of the country and do not want to see war to be fought between compatriots.

The Chinese mainland does not promise to renounce the use of force on solving the Taiwan issue, this is directed completely at the "Taiwan independence" splitting forces and foreign aggressive forces, so the former would not arise without the latter. Defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity is an expression of the will of the people of the whole country, it is all the more the legitimate right of a sovereign State, then why does Chen utter such words as "threat" and terror"?

The fact is crystal clear, the greatest threat to Taiwan's democracy, freedom and human rights and to cross-Strait peace is precisely the separatist forces of "Taiwan independence". They ignore the questions such as economic development harmony of family members and cross-Strait three direct links of mail, trade and transport, questions of most concern to the general public of Taiwan, ignore the historical origins and present links of cross-Strait relations, ignore the "92 consensus" concerning the "one-China principle" reached between the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) and the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF), ignore the fact that the Chinese mainland is wholeheartedly building up a prosperous, democratic and culturally advanced modern country and ignore the fact that the international community universally recognize one China and do not support "Taiwan independence", whereas the handful of people, proceeding from their power, ambition and paranoia, act against the trends of history, times and society, submit themselves to the international anti-China forces and deliberately engage in the secessionist activities of "Taiwan independence", they have really resorted to every conceivable means.

The "Sanzhi Conference" held by the Chen Shui-bien authority and its conclusion represent another practice of this act, its aim is crystal clear, and that is to take advantage of the anti-terrorism chance to give prominence to its pitiable look of being hit and pressured by the Chinese mainland, let the international community list the Chinese mainland as a "terrorist country" and even as part of the "axis of evils", undermine Sino-US relations and China's ties with the international community, then proceed to isolate China's mainland and push forward the secessionist activities of "Taiwan independence".

At the same time, they try to divert the attention of the general public on the Island from the ruling incompetence of the DPP and ascribe the cause of failure in improvement of cross-Strait relations to the Chinese mainland, so as to continue to wangle votes.

It is regretful, however, this time their trick is too "pediatrics". Far from success in deceiving anybody, they have once again reminded the international community and the Taiwan public that the Chen Shui-bien authority is another "trouble-maker" following Lee Teng-hui, only that without doing away with "Taiwan independence", there can be no tranquility on the Taiwan Straits, no relaxation in the cross-Strait relations and no happy life for the Taiwan public. "Taiwan independence" is the real driving source of terrorism to peace on the Taiwan Straits.

(People’s Daily September 26, 2002)