Culture and Institution
Chinese culture is predominant. Fine arts, surviving national folk traditions, and popular culture include Chinese painting, and Chinese music. Popular musical instruments include the fiddle, lute, flute and zither. Dances include court dances, aboriginal dances, and Chinese folk dances. Theatre includes traditional Chinese opera, Taiwanese operas, which use the southern Fujian dialect, and modern drama presented on the stage as well as over radio and television. Puppet shows are popular. Taiwan rivals Hongkong in the making of Chinese motion pictures. Taiwanese handicrafts are prized for their beauty. The cultural bureau of the Ministry of Education is in charge of the administration of cultural affairs. The National Palace Museum collections includes ancient Chinese paintings and books, pottery, porcelain, curios, and sculptures. The Art House in Taiwan holds art exhibitions and has a stage for drama and dance performances. There are more than 30 daily newspapers, two of which are English language publications; and about 1,000 periodicals. There are about 30 radio broadcasting stations; the three television stations include the Taiwan Television Enterprises, the China Television Company and the Zhonghua Television Service.