Overseas Chinese Denounce Failed 'Referendum' in Taiwan

Chinese worldwide have denounced the failed "referendum" in Taiwan on March 20, saying facts have proven that this illegal act plotted by the Chen Shui-bian regime goes against the will of most Taiwanese people and any attempt to separate Taiwan from China is to meet with firm opposition.

The Chinese community in France indicated that the so-called "referendum," which turned out to be invalid, is an illegal act aimed at splitting China under the guise of democracy.

This view was echoed by Chinese communities living in the United States, Britain, Chile and other countries. They said Chen Shui-bian, by seeking "independence" through the so-called "referendum," was trying to challenge the one-China principle.

Wang Tiande, a sociology professor in New Jersey, the United States, said the failed "referendum" showed that people in Taiwan hope to "maintain the status quo" across the Taiwan Strait.

The "referendum" was unpopular because it violated international law, said Shan Sheng, president of the British Association for Promoting Peaceful Reunification of China.

On Sunday, the Chilean Association for Promoting Peaceful Reunification of China issued a statement, hailing the failure of the Chen Shui-bian clique's attempt to seek "independence" from China.

Chinese around the world should unite as one in promoting reunification of their motherland, the statement said.

(Xinhua News Agency March 23, 2004)