US Urged to Oppose Taiwan Independence with Deeds

As the Taiwan issue is the most sensitive and most crucial issue in Sino-US relations, China hopes the United States will honor its commitments and oppose Taiwan independence not only in words but in deeds.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan made the remark at a regular press conference Tuesday, saying that China has consistently underscored that the United States should abide by the one-China policy and the three Sino-US joint communiques, and oppose "Taiwan independence" and any words or deeds by Taiwan to unilaterally change the status quo of Taiwan.

China and the United States have conducted some exchanges on Taiwan issue recently, Kong acknowledged.

US president George W. Bush clarified his one-China stance last December and reiterated his commitment while meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi in Washington on April 21, who was there to attend the 15th session of the China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, said Kong.

US Vice President Dick Cheney also declared the same one-China policy stance during his recent visit to China, Kong added.

The spokesman said "Taiwan issue is concerned with China's core interests and hence a vital issue of principle, and also the most sensitive and most crucial issue in bilateral relations."

China hopes that the United States follows its commitment and does not send wrong signals to "Taiwan independence" forces so as to maintain stability across Taiwan Straits and the overall situation to develop Sino-US relations in a healthy way, Kong said.

(Xinhua News Agency April 27, 2004)