Resolution for Reunification Not to Be Altered

Chen Shui-bian, making use of the Taiwan election to pursue a policy for "Taiwan independence" and even setting a timetable for this purpose through a referendum for a "new constitution", has brought the cross-Straits relations into a serious crisis, says a signed article published by Xinhua on Monday.

The article, written by Hao Fan, was published after a statement on current cross-Straits relations was issued earlier Monday jointly by the Taiwan Work Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council.

"The statement has demonstrated that firmly safeguarding the one-China principle and stopping the separatist activities of the forces for 'Taiwan independence' are the most urgent tasks for all the Chinese at home and overseas," says the article.

Since last year, Chen has quickened his steps for separation, calling for the provocative "March 20 referendum" to pave the way for a future referendum for "Taiwan independence," the article says.

"It is clear that Chen is using his power to alter the current situation that both the mainland and Taiwan belong to one and the same China," the article says.

Chen, facing huge internal and external pressures, started to talk about the establishment of a cross-Straits interactive framework for peace and stability so as to fool Taiwan compatriots and cheat international opinions, it says.

Taiwan, as part of China's territory, has never existed as a sovereign country in history, and will not in the future, the article says, noting that the international society generally follows the one-China principle.

All international organizations including the United Nations and over 160 countries having diplomatic relations with China have promised to handle relations with Taiwan on the basis of the one-China principle, the article says.

Although various separatist forces on the island again deny the one-China principle, the fact that Taiwan and the mainland belong to one China cannot be altered, the article says.

Facts have proved that only when the two sides across the Taiwan Straits reach consensus on the one-China principle and establish a foundation for dialogue and mutual trust, can the two sides find solutions to political divergence through equal-footing negotiations, the article says.

The Chinese government always sticks to the one-China principle and tries its best to achieve peaceful reunification, but if someone viciously undermines the current situation that the two sides belong to one China, the cross-Straits relations will meet setbacks and no peace and stability will exist on the Taiwan Straits, the article says.

If the Taiwan authorities stubbornly adhere to the "Taiwan independence" separatist stance and refuse to admit the one-China principle, peace and stability will not last, the article says, stressing that Chinese people's firm will to safeguard national territorial and sovereign integrity will not be altered.

(Xinhua News Agency May 17, 2004)