Mainland Warning a Heavy Blow to Chen

The Hong Kong media has widely reported the statement issued by the Office for Taiwan Affairs of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on current cross-Straits relations.

The following are excerpts of editorials of two Chinese newspapers.

Wen Wei Po

The statement dealt a stunning blow to Chen Shui-bian, who is about to present his inaugural speech after winning in the "presidential election" through nasty means.

It also pointed out that under such tense cross-Straits relations, staunchly halting Taiwan separatist activities is the most urgent task facing Chinese people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

At a time when the shooting incident has yet to be clarified, Chen's self-coronation and narcissism cannot cover up the fact that his election lacks legitimacy.

Over the past four years, he has forcefully divided Taiwan society, creating confrontation among ethnic groups on the island.

He has wantonly aroused anti-mainland sentiment and did his best to deny the fact that both Taiwan and the mainland belong to one China.

Taiwan separatism will not bring peace; and divisiveness will not lead to stability.

The Chinese people will not tolerate Taiwan independence. Separatists who are attempting to have the island seceded from the mainland are digging their own graves.

At the same time, the motherland will not give up any chance to have peaceful negotiations with Taiwan compatriots on reunification.

Only through recognizing and abiding by the "one China" principle could the peaceful and stable development of cross-Straits ties be possible and the competitiveness of the island's economy be enhanced.

Hong Kong Commercial Daily

While the mystery surrounding the Taiwan "presidential" election has not yet been cleared and the vote recount not finished, Chen Shui-bian cannot wait to stage his inauguration.

Since Chen has resorted to every measure to promote his separatist cause, one may wonder how far he would venture along the path of Taiwan independence; what damage his re-election would cause to the cross-Straits relations; and what variance it would bring to the regional situation.

What Chen will say in his inaugural speech on May 20 is therefore the focus of international attention.

In spite of his claim that he would establish a peaceful and stable interaction framework across the Straits, he also yelled that he would wage a "holy war" against the mainland.

He said that laying down the new constitution is his mission and duty, and he pledged to overcome whatever obstacles there may be.

Chen's claim that he would try to improve relations with the mainland is nothing but an attempt to trick the international community.

His real intention is to proclaim the new constitution in 2006 and to establish the state of Taiwan in 2008 in accordance with his timetable.

As long as Chen refuses to recognize the "one China" principle and be insincere in advancing cross-Straits relations, whatever tricks he will play on May 20 will be to no avail; and the situation across the Taiwan Straits will not see peaceful and stable prospects.

Reuniting the country is the common wish of all Chinese people, including those on the Taiwan island. It is the general trend of history and what everybody wants.

China's determination and ability to oppose Taiwan separatism must never be underestimated.

(China Daily HK Edition May 18, 2004)